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In Conversation with Valerie Durham Executive Director for FreedomFest Interview with Michael Beas

Valerie Durham has served as the executive director for FreedomFest since 2015, bringing together her background as a libertarian, a marketing and project manager, and a professional dance artist. Training as a dancer since the age of three in ballet, jazz and modern, Valerie is one of a few master artists in the world who specializes in the art of Isadora Duncan, known as mother of modern dance. Valerie has performed professionally in New York as well as around the United States and in Europe with Isadora Duncan repertory and her own original choreographies. She is the founder of the Isadora Duncan International Symposium and spearheaded the first digital archive of Isadora Duncan’s life and legacy. With a Master of Fine Arts degree in dance and a bachelor’s degree in public relations, Valerie has worked in marketing for Phillips Publishing and run her own business in marketing, multimedia, and project management. She currently serves as the Montgomery County chair of the Libertarian Party of Maryland.

Michael Beas, CEO and Founder of Raver Magazine had the unique opportunity to interview Valerie Durham before FreedomFest 2021, this is what she shared up with us.

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