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Meet The Executive Team copy: Our Authors


Founder of Parlay House

Working with Atlas Elite and eBook Marketing Solutions was truly a terrific experience. From start to finish, the level of professionalism and expertise that Founder, Michael Beas, brought to the organization and book launch was a cut above the rest. He and his team helped 'The Parley Effect' become a #1 Bestseller and helped us secure national media attention.  I would absolutely consider them to be an asset to any organization looking to publish and launch a book to the top of the charts.

 - Anne Deverux-Mills, Founder of Parlay House.

Wajid Hassan

At the launch of my book using the services of Atlas Elite / eBook Marketing it reached Amazon #1 bestseller status on several topics. Using this status, I was able to secure over 70 interviews last year to promote the book.  Without that standing my book would have been lost among the thousands published on Amazon.

 Wajid Hassan 

Renowned Actor, Author

 ‘The Struggle for World Sanity’ 


Connie Chappell

I have published multiple novels. With each one, I sought the exemplary services provided by Atlas Elite Publishing Partners. I intend to continue this partnership.

 Connie Chappell 


'Almond City Ashes, A Wrenn Grayson Mystery'

 bart Jackson professional.jpg

Bart Jackson

Every author wants their book brought to light before the greatest number of interested readers.  And Atlas Elite’s team does exactly that.  With a blend of innovative formulae and the artistry of long experience, Mike and Dar have developed a method to promote your book and raise it to Bestseller status.  They are accessible, willing to adapt to your needs, and join with your own promotional efforts.  And they do one thing that is virtually unheard of in the PR/publishing realm: they guarantee their work.

Bart Jackson

CEO, Prometheus Publishing


CEO of Yourself  - Getting down to the Business of Your More Rewarding Life

Joey Caban.jpg

Joey Caban

“My fleeting journey with eBook Marketing Solutions began only but a few years ago; however, it feels as though I have known them far longer… it is as though we have become something much greater than what one would refer to as ‘associates;’ but rather, as is in my case, more apropos, family.  When I began my literary voyage with them, I was an unpublished author with only an unrealized dream, my heaps and reams of paper, and not a clue as to how to batten down the proverbial hatches – piecing it all together - to make a finished, published, work.  Enter eBook Marketing Solutions.  With the assiduous guidance of Dante’s Beatrice, en route to Paradiso; dedication to their profession; the company’s genuine ministration for my craft; and unquestionably personable approach, I was able to complete not merely one, but two of my books; including the daunting task of publication and also the brilliant cover design… not to mention the promotional aspect, which proved to be, without question, a most integral element of getting my creation out into the public eye.  The best choice I have ever made – and I say this with absolutely no reservation - was partnering with this amazing company; if there is any doubt in the minds of my fellow writers out there, please do not hesitate to take full advantage of what eBook Marketing Solutions has to offer... get that masterpiece of yours published, and become acquainted with some of the most talented and amazing people I have had the pleasure to meet.”

Joey Caban  

Bestselling Author

Butterflies in Production: Five Short Stories and Moving On: A Quintessential Coming of Age Story

Andy Headshot.jpg

Michael Beas and his team at Atlas Elite Publishing Partners have created an innovative new way to position books so that they maximize their full potential. I had the opportunity to work with Mike and Atlas Elite Publishing Partners on the marketing and promotion of my book “Get to Aha!”, which reveals the winning framework I've used to transform markets and industries since coming to Silicon Valley to help Steve Jobs launch the original Apple Macintosh. Mike and his team took the time to understand my goals and they worked diligently to help me achieve #1 Bestseller Status for my eBook and Print book. They also secured national media attention for me and improved my branding effort. I am happy to have worked with Mike and his team and recommend Atlas Elite Publishing Partners to others looking to make a splash in the publishing world.


- Andy Cunningham, Founder and CEO of Cunningham Collective

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